About Nanci

Nanci is a certified Kambo practitioner located in the city of Philadelphia, (Pennsylvania). She received her training through Kambo Naturista, which is based outside of Iquitos, Peru. She completed her 3 week intensive training with Deyan Gaian Mana, who owns and operates Kambo Naturista. Nanci provides a safe environment to hold 1 on 1 ceremonies, working with the utmost integrity and allowing Kambo to work it’s magic. Nanci currently serves Kambo in Philadephia and surrounding areas (New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland), and she has visitors travel from other states to see her.

How Kambo found me:

Nanci with a frogI first heard about Kambo in 2012 on one of my trips to Peru.  At the time, I was already working with 2 other Shamanic medicines, Ayahuasca, and San Pedro.  I was invited to partake in a Kambo ceremony but as I like to do- I work with one type of medicine at a time.  This went on for several years- just me, and Mother Ayahuasca and Grandfather, San Pedro.  Many times Kambo presented itself to me- through conversations in my medicinal circles, to coming to be in dreams.  I could feel the call, and I couldn’t wait any longer my life had taken me on a series of twists and turns and it was time.  I had been suffering from endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and uterine fibroids for years.  Plant medicines DID in fact help, but I wanted to try working with Kambo to see where this could further my healing.  When I had my first ceremony, I knew instantly that this was my medicine. This was the key I was looking for.  I did 2 ceremonies in 1 day for the first time.  I know, it seems crazy, but I trusted the process, and the way that life changed for me after- was nothing more than magical.  My pain, that I have been dealing with for 25 years- was gone.  I was able to have a moon cycle without an ounce of pain.  This simple yet drastic change from the “norm” completely transformed my being.  I had to keep going, and work with Kambo further.  I had several more ceremonies with a few different practitioners- and Kambo did exactly what it was supposed to do.

The Roaming Alchemist:

I was raised in a very unique way.  I grew up in a log home in the middle of the woods.  When there were no friends to play with, I became more connected with nature, and the life around me in plants and animals.  I was forever catching frogs, and salamanders- naming them, and having a bond with them.  I would go on solo hikes for hours in the woods, and talk to the plants and trees, and sing to the birds.  I found comfort in the forrest, especially when my teen life was chaotic.  My life has been quite magical- the name of my company comes from my desire to travel everywhere, and see everything- and transform my experiences and findings, into magic for others.  I like to collect dried herbs, from other parts of the world- and create something that can heal.  The body can and will heal itself- given an environment that is brought into balance.  I believe in balance in all things, and that is what I’m creating with The Roaming Alchemist.  I have always been a healer of sorts- since I was very young.  I have always gone out of my way to help people with addiction, and with any problems they may have, to bring them into balance.  This has all proved to be a natural progression, and forged my path in life as a forever budding herbalist, with Kambo as my boss.

My motto is, “Get out of your own way”— that was my biggest takeaway in all of my life lessons.  I want to be able to remind you that you have the power to do the same.