My experience with Kambo medicine has been very real. When sitting with medicines you know their potency and validity if there is a clear before and after effect. Maybe the pep ends up back in your step, maybe the phantoms aren’t so strong anymore, maybe the load gets lighter and harmony returns. Each person will always have an individual experience with medicine and yet there are common themes, occurrences, and outcomes. My most notable changes are a feeling that I am less vulnerable to being wronged. Like instead of swimming in the ocean leaking blood for sharks I’m chilling in a reef enjoying the sun on the ripples. Also and even more noticeable is sort of a break up and removal of old energies that I can now see had hardened and formed a terrible plaque on my back and the energy points in that region. It is a sense of relief. Please don’t take this to mean anything is a majic bullet. The work staying in the light continues but is much easier after these intensity sacred spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical experiences. On to Nanci… She is a wonderful being who clearly has integrity and an honest desire to bring positivity and healing into the world. I looked for some time until I found her and felt instantly that she is legit which was confirmed during my 3 days of healing she facilitated with real grace and attention. It takes fortitude to hold space during such energetic experiences and she does it with a naturally flowing strength. Her availability before during and after has been helpful and quite comforting. I urge you to make sure whomever you choose to apply Kambo medicine to you is doing it for the right reasons, with the proper training, and a clear pure heart. I highly recommend Kambo as medicine and Nanci as a human.


From all over the place

I couldn’t be more grateful for the humbling, magical, healing experience I had with Nanci and kambo in November 2021. Nanci’s work with kambo was recommended to me by a friend to help my PTSD symptoms and minimize my dependency on my prescription pharmaceuticals for my depression and ADHD . Even during our initial phone consultation, Nanci was very kind, knowledgeable, professional, and warm so I booked a session with her a few weeks later.

The kambo ceremony itself is not easy, but it wasn’t as difficult as I expected and Nanci made the ceremony as comfortable as possible, during which I appreciated her one-on-one attention, reassurance, and intuitive guidance. I did three sessions over three days and each day felt deeper and led to more clarity. In the days and weeks following kambo, nanci continued to check in on me which I really appreciated.
It’s also worth mentioning that seven months prior to kambo, I had been diagnosed with severe PTSD in March 2021. According to my diagnosis test, my symptoms only decreased by two points between March and October 2021. In those six months, I was doing everything I could do to help heal myself – weekly therapy, self help books, starting a martial art for mind/body wellness, mindful eating, yoga, breath work, meditation, sobriety. You name it, I tried it so the fact that my symptoms only decreased by two points in those six months was pretty disappointing.
Then, I had my kambo ceremony in November and it felt like a lifetime of healing in afew days that was well worth the cost and effort. Two weeks after Kambo, right before Thanksgiving, I took another PTSD symptom test and my symptoms decreased by 23 points, or a whopping 66 percent decrease. In other words, my symptoms went down two points in six months then 23 points in six weeks, which is nothing short of unbelievable and magical. At the same time, my daily use of my ADHD medication has decreased exactly 66% as well. I can really only contribute this to the magical healing of Nanic’s work with kambo. I haven’t felt this healthy, relieved and clear headed in a long time. I look forward to booking another kambo ceremony with Nanci again soon!
Bri D.

Philadelphia, PA

Kambosito Medicina

I had the privilege of sitting with Nanci in a kambo ceremony. The marks on my body from this journey are proof of my power and integration of the medicine. Kambo is not an easy journey but it is surely rewarding. The medicine is so much older and wiser than us. It gives you everything you need and nothing you can’t handle. I was confronted with addictions, traumas, and my ego. I got to go into these programs, rather than continuing to journey around them.

Kambo brought me so much inner child healing. I didn’t realize just how serious I take life. I am a soul who has been here many times before so it’s easy for me to forget how to play or be present in my young body. Kambo brought me a lighter spirit and a deeper reverence for my younger self. I released old traumas that were unconsciously blocking my joy. I was reminded how beautiful, worthy, and creative I am! I am powerful and amazing! This journey taught me that for sure.

It revealed and released my relationship to marijuana. I was a chronic smoker pre-kambo and it was time to write a new story. Nanci explained to me the spirit of the plant and how marijuana is the “jealous friend” who wants to have you all to herself. I released the identity of being the “stoner friend” as it no longer aligns with my spirit. When we are in a state of using substance to connect, we are only showing up as a representative of ourselves. I physically felt myself releasing my old identity and dependency during my process. If you struggle with any type of addiction, kambo could be the exact thing you need to help you realign with yourself.

Although my medicine journey was deeply personal, we need to open up the dialogue to the healing powers of kambo. It can help you see yourself with so much more love, awareness, and compassion. I did not do this journey because I am broken, but because I am perfect and this is a powerful modality to enjoy and learn in this beautiful life.

It was a pleasure to be held in space with Nanci. I felt so safe, loved, supported, and seen during my entire kambo journey. She works in integrity with kambo and respects the wisdom that comes along with serving it. She is so intuitive and other worldly while at the same time being so incredibly down to earth. I will be back to sit with kambo and Nanci when the frogs call me again… Thank you so much for this journey, Nanci! I am so grateful. #VIVA

Jenna N.

Philadelphia, PA

I can’t say enough good things about my Kambo experience. I learned about Kambo a little over a year ago – at the time I was just beginning my spiritual journey and, while I was interested in Kambo, I wasn’t quite ready for it. I had the introductory phone call with Nanci and she was lovely and open but I still just wasn’t resonating with the idea of actually participating in a ceremony completely.

Fast forward a yer later and I found myself going back to thinking about Kambo and doing more serious research. Every time I thought, “Meh, not yet,” something kept calling me to do more research. I finally reached out to Nanci and asked if we could talk again. I was a little worried she would not want to talk since we had such a long discussion a year ago and I ultimately decided not to move forward. However she could not have been nicer and we had a really wonderful conversation. Reflecting after the call I decided I was finally ready to take this journey.

The space Nanci holds is absolutely phenomenal. Though the effects pf the Kambo ceremony are far from glamorous, I felt completely safe and connected. Nanci is 100% present and reassuring through the entire ceremony and I can not imagine a better practitioner. She also checks in on your between and after your ceremonies – which is totally not necessary but absolutely appreciated and really makes you feel cared for and safe.

One of my intentions going into my ceremony was to trust and learn about myself more. Ever since my ceremony I have found myself having the most beautiful and deep meditations and having intense and clear connections with my inner self. I am so grateful to Nanci and Kambo!

Ashley M.

Philadelphia, PA

Nanci is an absolute Angel. I already have had kambo administered to me prior to going to her in a group setting. I found Nanci through a friend who highly recommended her. The person who recommended her told me how she does one on one treatments which intrigued me right away.

Kambo is not an easy process. The way she conducts the ceremony made me feel so comfortable. She stays with you the whole time guiding you through the whole flow of the medicine. That was a huge shift for me compared to the other times I did kambo with other facilitators. Nanci’s support gave me the confidence and strength I needed to truly give 100 percent of my trust and faith in this medicine.

My intention for doing kambo was to heal my brain from a concussion I suffered. It’s been a month since my session and my mind has been clear and sharp. I feel more grounded and over all more positive about life. My energy has been renewed, restored, and high.

I still have more healing I want to do in other areas with the kambo. Nanci has had extensive training with Kambo down in the Amazon. Also is highly knowledgeable about the medicine. Any questions I had she answered with great knowledge. I am looking forward to continuing this journey of healing and many more sessions with Nanci.

Danni M.

Philadelphia, PA / Tahoe, CA

I came to Nanci through the recommendation if a friend at what felt like was the perfect time in my life. I had just experienced some heartbreak that triggered lots of old wounds I never tended to. Even from me and Nanci’s initial phone call, I felt immediately at ease with her. Her knowledge, her insight, her humor. She’s just a real person, which is important when it comes to ancient spiritual practices. Anyone too disconnected from reality wouldn’t have worked for me. Nanci is grounded and helps bring you to also feeling grounded. The experience with Kambo was both intense and relaxing. Through it all, Nanci takes care of you and makes you feel at ease. She’s right there with you assuring you that even as you’re going through this heavy experience, she’s by your side. I initially went in with the intention of integrating all the recent lessons I learned into my life, and those sessions were powerful but not overwhelming. By the 3rd day I had changed my intention to tapping into my inner child. The first 2 days of kambo helped me realize what I actually needed to do. With that shift of intention, it all came out of me. That day was the biggest purge day of them all in the best way possible. Since kambo, I’ve found myself a sense of peace and presence. I feel cleared and ready to do the work necessary on myself to not only heal the now visible wounds but to also unwrap the hidden ones and start the nurturing process. I feel receptive and cleared of so much ego clouding. I’d recommend kambo to almost anyone who could benefit from such a practice and Nanci is definitely the person to do it with.

Aliya, A.

Philadelphia, PA

Working with Nanci, Kambo (hape and Sananga) helped my transition away from what no longer serves. The cleansing and clarity aspects significantly grounded me for necessary life changes. This work also greatly prepared me to not only work with other plants, but also to leave a successful unfulfilling career.

What an amazing healer with a uniquely personalized approach. Nanci was always 110% present during my entire session and authentically checked in on me at just the perfect time. Her knowledge and experiences are shared with love and we are blessed to have found her. Also, I’ve never had a better smoothie in my entire life.

Tom D.

Wildwood, NJ / Philadelphia, PA

After experiencing an extremely triggering and traumatic year, I found myself feeling very disconnected from my authentic being and was experiencing severe anxiety and depression. I felt very called to Kambo, but did not know of any practitioners near me as I had only every worked with Kambo while in Peru. On a whim I google Kambo near Philadelphia and found Nanci’s website. I have no doubt it was my plant allies guiding me exactly where I needed to be. Although I was a little concerned at first with ethical procedures and being on the same page with a practitioner I had found online, those doubts dissipated immediately as soon as I had a consultation with Nanci via telephone. Her professionalism to the medicine, dedication to ancient tribal wisdom and traditions, and profound intuition resonated deeply within me after our first conversation. Our sessions that followed were beautiful, enlightening, challenging, and cleansing. I felt absolutely safe with Nanci during each step of our sessions and the container she creates to allow you space to heal is nothing short of magical. I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone in need of healing or shedding untruths and look forward to working with her again in the future. Haux Haux.

Emily B.

Philadelphia, PA

Okay so Nanci is literally the best. She’s a magical witch with a silly calming warm personality who invites you into her little oasis with open arms. Prior to ceremony she is thorough with the paper work and readily available to answer any questions. She is an expert of her craft and extremely knowledgeable!

During ceremony Nanci calmed my worries. I especially liked that the session was one on one. My intention for sitting with this medicine was to let go of all that no longer serves me, to help gain clarity in my life and my life purpose, to rid my body of toxins and negative thinking, to end my attachment to toxic relationships and unhealthy sexual desires, to cure my anxiety, to be more vulnerable, to feel more.

We get jaded through life and I feel that kambo helps bring us back to how we felt before all of that. Since kambo my anxiety has gone down 100 percent, I feel more energized, and I can FEEL. I realized I haven’t cried in a while and post kambo I released a lot of emotions I was keeping inside. I feel more in tune with my body, and I understand my path more. I have a lot of work to do but kambo is my catalyst and I feel excited to be on this path of self growth.

Kara H.

Philadelphia, PA / Tahoe, CA

Kambo is an extremely powerful substance with immense potential to facilitate deep healing, growth, and transformation in many ways. It is a challenging process, but the end results are beautiful. I was having symptoms of Covid, but after my first session of Kambo, I felt rejuvenated and healthy. I did a total of three sessions. Since then, my mind has been clear, and things have just started to fall in place for me. It seems that negative energy was cleared, allowing room for new, positive things in my life.

I highly recommend Nanci to facilitate your Kambo experience. She was very welcoming, and I immediately felt comfortable with her. Nanci’s education and training comes straight from the Amazon, and she knows her stuff! She works with a high degree of integrity, safety, and respect for the medicine. Nanci demonstrated compassion and understanding, while she guided me through the process. Additionally, she provided integration support after the experience.

Lisa G.

Philadelphia, PA

First, and foremost, Nanci is thorough. She presented me with paperwork months prior to my session. She makes sure to know your health history, concerns and provides precise instructions on how to prepare for your session as well as what to expect. It was confidence boosting as this was my first-time trying kambo medicine and I wanted to work with a practitioner that I could trust. Nanci conducted herself with the utmost integrity which is why I wanted to provide a review.

The actual session was divided into 3 days, of which were of varying intensity. Nanci not only administered the kambo medicine and guided me through the session, but she also helped ensure that I knew what to do pre and post session to maximize its effectiveness. This is key, as the experience is intense and requires adherence to protocol to allow one’s body to process both the psychic and physical consequences of the sessions.

All this being said, I can safely say that this experience literally changed my life. I had struggled with quitting drinking, quitting smoking, in addition to suffering from PTSD, eating disorders, severe anxiety/depression as well as a very difficult and painful breakup. I can proudly say I have not had a drink since the experience, and I have been able to abstain from smoking as well. I no longer need antidepressants or anxiety medication and I feel stronger in my will to choose healthy and natural ways of coping with stress. I eat regular meals and am starting to exercise again. I also am practicing self-love and healing my heart. Essentially Kambo was an incredible vehicle to face some very difficult inner work that I had been avoiding for some time. It was a door, a path, a gateway, to something beautiful that I had not even known existed. I feel stronger, more capable and truly, more of myself than ever.

Kambo isn’t a miracle drug. It is a friend who will help you show you a different way. It is up to you to do the work to continue on that path. I do want to mention that Nanci’s guidance did not cease when I walked out of the last session. She has checked up on me, made sure that I feel supported and answered any of my questions. She is truly a conduit for miracles, and I cannot thank her enough.

If you have never tried this medicine and you want someone who is reliable, kind and has uncompromising integrity, please reach out to Nanci. You will be forever grateful.


Atlanta, GA

I never knew anything about Kambo until my boyfriend told me about it. He recommended I speak to Nanci because the medicine was helpful in treating anxiety. I’ve been taking Ativan daily for the past 3 years, which hasn’t exactly helped the situation, just masked it. I had 2 panic attacks over the summer that ended with a trip to the ER.

I’ve also struggled with eating disorders and substance abuse my entire life.

I decided I had enough and wanted to be happy again. I’ll be completely honest I was scared to death, I’ve never tried an alternative medicine before now. Nanci has such a caring and honest way about her that totally eased my fears. After a long talk we decided that 6 treatments would be best to realign my physical and spiritual self. First we did 3 treatments, then 3 more the following month. My life has completely changed.

I haven’t taken any anxiety medicine since a 3 days before my first round of treatments. I’ve also not smoked a single cigarette since then. My need to numb with alcohol and recreational drugs has subsided. I have also not purged since receiving the medicine.

I will always be working to better myself and I cannot thank Nanci and Kambo enough for saving me. Anyone who may have struggled the way I have needs to see her ASAP.

Tiffany D.

Philadelphia, PA

Trying to accurately express the impact of Kambo would be like attempting to drain the ocean with a fork. Nanci is a compassionate and gracious guide through the process and it’s obvious that she truly cares about the people she serves.

I went into the sessions with the intention of releasing my emotional bond with food, as well as clear out any in the creative blocks while healing the traumas of my family DNA. It’s been a few weeks since my sessions and I have gained and maintained my sobriety from marijuana(I was smoking multiple times a day, every day for years), caffeine (I was drinking 3-4 cups of coffee a day) and sobriety from booze.

The most valuable part of this process is that I have been able to re-wire my relationship with my body and the food that I consume.

I am a Binger, or I was before my 3 day Kambo session with Nanci. The clarity and quietness of the mind that comes with Kambo Is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before and truly accelerates the healing process if you are willing to meet the medicine half way and commit to a deeper relationship with your self and your gods.

I would highly recommend Nanci as a practitioner as her love for the process is undeniable and her gifts are multi-dimensional.

You can spend years in therapy or three days dancing with Nanci and Kambo.

Jordan L.

Philadelphia, PA

I feel so blessed to have discovered Kambo as a healing medicine and to have found Nanci as a practitioner. Kambo is an immensely powerful medicine; from use I have experienced dramatic healing, physical empowerment, enhanced mental clarity including the reduction of anxiety…

To begin to understand Kambo’s full relevance, I would suggest that one begin by researching it. First, look for its uses and applications by examining the practices of the indigenous Indians of South America whom first utilized it:

*Traditional uses include eliminating toxins, increasing strength and stamina, and dispersing negative energy, or panema. In the rainforest, kambo is used as a hunting aid, reducing the need for food and water and minimizing the human scent. Fortified by the “vaccine,” hunters are also thought to emit a strange green light that draws their prey near.

Next, seek to understand it from a western biochemical perspective. Research effects of Kambo Peptides.

Lastly, I cannot speak enough about the importance of working with the right practitioner. Healing from this Modality is much more than just the consumption of the medicine, for it also involves proper utilization, practitioner interaction, and preparation. Finding the right practitioner should be taken seriously, for Kambo is such a powerful medicine, improper usage can be traumatic.

Nanci Pietras is an outstanding practitioner. She personifies the very meaning of reverence in this craft. In fact, every aspect of her sessions are orchestrated with the greatest degree of mindfulness from beginning to end. She combines the wisdom and techniques of tradition with the caring and thoughtfulness needed to meet the many needs of the modern person in our circumstance. Having worked with several practitioners, I can most certainly say that her skills and practices definitely enhance the outcome of the sessions well beyond the norm! Nanci’s caring and strong desire for the best and most meaningful outcome is even expressed in her pricing despite the time and effort she puts in. Working with Nanci has been more than just a pleasure, it has been the creation of a friendship!

Walt D.

Philadelphia, PA

My experience with Nanci and Kambo has been amazingly powerful and very healing. I was called to this medicine after 2 years of waiting for the right time to do my 3 sessions in one moon cycle. Nanci came into my life right at the perfect time, and she held such divine, sacred, very knowledgeable, and safe space in all of my sessions. This very powerful medicine started to heal me inside & out; cleansing me out, strengthening my immunity, releasing fear, insecurities and old beliefs, & bringing in such clarity & peace, grounding me. I am looking forward to having Nanci hold space again. Viva Kambo!!

Valerie T.

Philadelphia, PA

Prior to Kambo, I had spent months feeling lost and detached from myself; hope was little to none most days, which was very unlike me. I was struggling to get out of bed and couldn’t pinpoint what was going on inside me. Kambo came indirectly into my life about a year prior when I was welcomed into a group who had the opportunity to sit with the medicine. Time wasn’t aligned for me then and while I was intrigued, the pull eventually faded and Kambo left my conscious headspace.

Fast forward a year later, Kambo came back into my world, this time through a dream. I don’t recall much of the dream other than a frog crawling toward me, but when I woke up, I thought, “Kambo is calling.” I reached out to a friend who had experienced Kambo in the past, but she did not have connection to the medicine any longer. A few days went by and she told me someone had added her on Facebook- que the incredible Nanci. After an informative phone conversation with Nanci, I felt positive that this was exactly what I wanted to do, and Nanci was exactly the one I wanted to guide me.

The day before Kambo, Nanci had reached out to see how I was feeling and remind me of the pre-Kambo instructions. When I arrived to her house the next morning, I knew what to expect from the research I had done, but in the same, I had no idea. Nanci was an absolutely ray of fierce sunshine. She welcomed me with a big hug and that welcoming feeling remained constant through out my three-day experience.

On the first day, Nanci explained the entire procedure and included very accurate details on the sensations which would occur within my body as the medicine was rising. Since this was my first experience with Kambo, Nanci applied the medicine slowly to observe how my body would react. There wasn’t a single moment in my three days with Nanci that I didn’t feel safe, she was unbelievable! It takes a special someone to make you feel good about yourself as you’re purge in all forms.

After day one, I felt drained and used it as a great excuse to catch up on sleep. My dreams were more vivid. Interestingly enough, things and people from the past came up in my dreams which and who I hadn’t consciously thought about in a while.

On the second day, things intensified a little bit. I felt very blocked. I was purging but with resistance. It wasn’t until the third and most challenging, yet most liberating day, that I realized why I had struggled so much on that second day-I was trying to control the experience rather than surrendering to the medicine and trusting it to take its course. I won’t get into the details of the purge, but it should be known that it’s an intense and very vulnerable experience. That said, I could not think of anyone better than Nanci to hold space throughout this experience. Nanci’s passion for the medicine and the traditions involved was inspiring. All the stories of her training and calling to Kambo were such gifts to hear and learn.

My take away: I felt completely centered and aligned after sitting with Kambo. The best way to describe my post-Kambo self is “at home within myself”… finally! Kambo is now a part of me, in work, at home, in my social life, and in my yoga practice. Of course, there is external work to be done, but Kambo has brought clarity for the direction I’d like to follow. Its such a fortunate feeling to be home, again. We’re all there within ourselves but the chaos of life sometimes clouds our truth. I thank Kambo and Nanci for bringing me home.

Emily V.

Philadelphia, PA

I came to Nanci with the hope of lessening my dependence on cannabis, caffeine, and pornography. My other main intention was to learn how to better care for myself. For the past three years I have been involved with my own self development through therapy, mediation, journaling, reading, and exercising. I often had long periods where I was able to quell my addictions. Even all of them at the same time. But there was never an understanding, or it never felt natural. It was always a fight against myself that usually led to anger and relapse. What my kambo sessions did for me was offer a complete movement of conscience. It has been a month from my treatment, and Im happy to say that I have not indulged in any past regressions, and I’ve come to realize that taking better care of myself and stopping the things that hurt me are one in the same. I thought this before, but now I feel it. Its as if there used to be a rock placed on my heart, mind, and soul. That rock has been removed offering me more space in my body and thereby allowing me to make the right decisions for myself. Nanci will be the first to tell you that kambo does all the work, but I will continue to disagree with her. This is because it is not an easy treatment and her intuitive care makes one feel at ease, it allows you to surrender. And surrender you must. I highly recommend Nanci to anyone considering taking the glorious path of kambo, its a life changing experience.

Sean M.

New Jersey

A little bit about me- I’m an artist for social change and I create work that promotes authenticity, self- love and ways to create positive change by becoming the best version of yourself. I had been on a spiritual journey for some time prior to learning about Kambo – for most of it I was in alignment with being the physical representation of my art. Life has twists and turns and earlier this year I found myself stuck in a stagnant place that I wasn’t able to get out of on my own. My spiritual practices were no longer helping me and I knew I needed to try something else to unblock me… I needed help. In Divine timing, I met Nanci and learned of Kambo very shortly after this realization.

For 4 months I had felt depressed, creatively blocked, a bit lost, and very detached from my physical shell- I didn’t recognize myself, I was smoking at least a pack a day and drinking way too often to numb out the reality of how miserable I was. Wasn’t sleeping or eating right, I felt awful physically and emotionally. I knew I needed to put in some work if I wanted things to change so I booked a session. I had no expectations other than to just try to be open to whatever would help me…and try not worry about my ego’s hangups about physically purging in front of someone I just met. Once I got over that fear (which I feel is a big part of Kambo too) I showed up to my first session and allowed myself to trust that I was in good hands. Nanci and I had talked about intentions so I wrote a list of things that I wanted to work on and kept it in my pocket throughout the 3 sessions. I won’t go into all of the details but my final sentence said “ Rid my body of all toxins that are causing fatigue, let me be a non-smoker, let me have only healthy relationships, let me develop structure and balance in my life, and allow me to get back to true alignment with my purpose”.

The physical purge was obviously not fun, but I promise it’s nothing to be scared of. Nanci created such a safe space and made the process as comfortable as possible on a mind, body, and soul level. I did 3 sessions over 3 days and although I slept a lot during that time, I felt an immediate difference- I felt present and light hearted. After I completed my 3rd session, I woke up the next day before the alarm, went to the gym, and after I returned home realized I had walked by several people smoking and had actually forgot that I had been a smoker until that moment. It’s been 2 months and I still have not smoked or even thought about it. For an entire month I had no desire to drink alcohol or caffeine, I craved healthy foods, started taking care of my body and became very mindful of how I was treating myself. It came naturally and has been easy to fall into healthy habits. I can count the times I’ve had a drink and a cup of coffee on one hand.. I still don’t have any desire to make them a part of my routine and my body has no tolerance for either anymore. I accomplished more in one month after Kambo than I did over 6 months prior.

I have always been an authentic person but I have reached a level of authenticity that I didn’t know was possible. I could write an entire book on what has transpired and what continues to transpire each day- but I just have to say- do yourself a favor and give yourself the gift of Kambo. It has forever changed me and I have experienced healing and magic in ways that can’t be described in words. I’m in a place in which I actually am truly loving myself.

I just booked my second ceremony for another 3 sessions at the end of this month and I CANNOT wait to work with Nanci again. Yes, the Kambo does it’s own magic but Nanci, her energy, professionalism, and passion to help others heal is what makes the experience truly successful. Kambo is something I will revisit multiple times over my life- I may have many different frogs working with me… but because Nanci is who she is, she is the only Kambo practitioner that I’ll ever allow to work with me. Thank you for changing my life <3

Devon R.

Philadelphia, PA

I first decided to call Nanci about Kambo because of what I had read and heard about its detoxifying and immune boosting properties. As a healthcare worker commuting 2-3 hours a day I was finding myself ill with a new virus every few weeks. In further discussing my woes, I expressed my frustration with a year long episode of ear issues including hyperacusis, clicking noises, nausea, tinnitus and unexplained anxiety. As a psychotherapist with an interest in mind body health, I attributed much of this unexplained illness to my continued inability to “listen to myself.”

My process with Kambo was arduous, and I questioned myself more than a few times for the decision to continue. I did learn just how strong (and stubborn) I really am, especially when Nanci would exclaim at how much medicine I needed (7-8 dots) per session.

Given my history of ignoring my health, burying my anxiety and refusing to hear my inner voice I ultimately completed six ceremonies. Some noticeable effects included frequent profound revelations and sensations of actually feeling my life energy or “vibration,”- an idea I previously scoffed at. I do feel that I cleared some negative energies and blockages in my body that had been causing issues for years. Since completing Kambo I have felt clearer and more determined to release addictions, act and react in a healthier manner and more attuned and aligned with myself. With the help of Kambo and readings Nanci suggested, my ear issues have largely disappeared.

I do look forward to more work with Kambo in the future, but know it would be hard to work with another practitioner after my experience with Nanci. She put me instantly at ease the first time I met her, and through our work and conversations I know that she has a true understanding of psychic wounds and how to apply Kambo in a safe and therapeutic way. The way the process flowed, the environment and her careful coaching made even a torturous endeavor enjoyable overall. I found Nanci and Kambo at the perfect time in my life when many things were changing and it was time for me to step up and change as well, and I’m so glad I did.

Annie S.

Philadelphia, PA

I had two kambo sessions with Nanci over a 4 month period. Nanci is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I was very comfortable having her by my side as the medicine did it’s work on me. It’s important to go into a kambo session with trust of yourself, trust of the medicine and trust in your practitioner. I found it to be very grounding and helpful in achieving some personal goals I was working on.


Philadelphia, PA

To give a brief history of myself, I have long suffered from anxiety and depression that was a result of physical, mental, and emotional abuse. This abuse caused traumas that I could hear mentally and also feel within my body. It led to feelings of anger, resentment, low self-worth, and thoughts of suicide since the age of 7. Over the past 4 years I have received psychological help, which through my own persistence I have made great strides and have a grip over the anxiety and depression that had retarded my development into my true self. I have felt very good, but there were a few things I was still holding on to that held me back; resentment and anger towards my parents for their inability to accept responsibility for the wrongs they had done. This I was finding hard to shake as it still was evident that some of the traumas I had experienced were still in me. I wanted closure and Nanci reassured me that Kambô would be able to help.

Nanci is very professional when it comes to her Kambô practice. In my first session, she again let me know what was going to occur during the process and that she would be there the whole time. She was very informative about every process of the procedure as it was performed. She administered the medicine very slowly to gauge how it would work with me. Once the medicine was in full effect, she kept a watchful eye and continuously asked me questions about what I was feeling, making sure the medicine was doing what it was supposed to. After my first session I completed 2 more follow up session within 3 weeks.

I felt a little tired right after all of the sessions, but when your body has a continuous purge for some time, that is expected. Once I was rested, I felt renewed. I felt more at peace, especially after my meditations, I felt a bright energy in myself, I felt more physical energy and more stamina, I felt the need to prove myself waning as well as the highly self-critical aspect of my ego, I felt more connected with other individuals and felt lessing judging of them, I felt good. I will say that as a highly optimistic, but logical human being, these feelings do return. When they return, I feel that I have more control over myself and more potency from the tools I have trained with to overcome these maladies. I spend less time working myself through them and they return less frequently. I have committed myself to a life of self-improvement, with that as my personal ideology, aligning myself with Kambô strengthened me. Undergoing this ceremony, one should be focused on continuous self-improvement throughout the process, going in and leaving and they should do it under the guidance of an individual who also has this belief.

Nanci, because of her personality and natural inclination to be a caring, compassionate, and loving person makes this experience great. I know after I have finished each one of my sessions I felt a little more open, a little more grounded (especially after meditating), and a little more energy (positive). This is partly due to the medicine, but this is also due to the individual who is administering and sharing the space with you as you travel through the process.

Victor P.

Philadelphia, PA

I was put in touch with Nanci a few weeks ago by a good friend. My knowledge of Kambo was limited to my online research but I knew that I wanted to try medicine to see if it could help with my focus and attention issues. Nanci was very professional in her introduction to me and took great care in explaining everything that was going to happen. She also explained that in her approach she dedicates her complete attention to only one person, and that person is the patient she is seeing. I gained a new perspective on healing and in general I have been feeling more positive and elevated in mind and spirit for the past few weeks. I look forward to going back for further treatments to continue to help me “peel away the layers of the onion” as Nanci likes to refer to it as. There is something special about connecting with natural healing medicines if you have a good intent set in your mind.

Chris G.

Philadelphia, PA

My Kambo session was enlightening. It was also different and challenging from any other kind of alternative treatment that I’ve tried. I chose to try Kambo hoping it would give me some relief from my fibromyalgia and reduce some stress. Afterjust one session I’m pleased to say I’ve had significant decrease of my symptoms and my stress has subsided. I also appreciated the care , concern and comfort from Nanci during the session. That combined with the her knowledge of the medicine I believe helped me obtain satisfying results. I will definitely do it again.

Trust the process.
Sylvia H.

Philadelphia, PA

Thank you Nanci for your intuitive guidance and nurturing support while serving Kambo!

I’ve been blessed to work with the sacred spirit of Kambo over the last 3 years and was introduced to Nanci through a mutual friend who knew we both connected to the frog medicine.

After our initial phone consultation, I knew she would create a warm and safe container to receive this beautiful medicine so I immediately booked a session with her.

I’m so grateful I did. She trusts her relationship to the frog spirit for guidance in serving the number of gates (points) to be applied to your skin before each ceremony.

While in my process, she always makes sure I’m warm and comfortable while reminding me to focus on the intentions I’ve set and to surrender.

During a recent ceremony, as soon as she applied the medicine, I felt an electrical surge scan through my entire body which prompted one of the deepest cleansings (purge) I’d ever experienced with this medicine. Viva!

After each ceremony, I feel a heightened sense of mental clarity, a deeper connection to my soul and for several days after, a relaxed state of bliss.
If you’re being called to work with Kambo, I highly recommend working with Nanci. She has a very gentle way of holding space while you’re going through your process of deep healing.

Michelle A.

Philadelphia, PA

Nanci served me my 4th and 5th kambo sessions and I found her methods to be extremely attentive and nurturing as she coached me through it. She came to my home where she felt I would be more comfortable. Both mornings we would set up in my room (as I have a bathroom right on my floor) so that I could relax afterwards. One of her methods I really liked was that she flipped the kambo on each gate, which I have not experienced in previous sessions I have had. I found I got much more out of the frog this way. I also needed less burns because of it. Also, I learned from Nanci that this method gets more out of less kambo, leaving less frogs defenseless for the time it takes to produce more for themselves. Being a lover of the Earth and its creatures, that is important to me. I felt Nanci understood when my body had enough and didn’t push to do more and more. On the second day I had a rough time and, even though she intended to give me more, she listened to my reaction to the frog. Nanci stressed that I need to relax for the two days so that the kambo could do its work. After each session she made me homemade tea for my throat (and I want to tell you it is So good!) and oats with coconut sweetener while I rested. Yummmm! In concluding each session, she left me to relax and soak in the kambo.

My intentions this time were for health and happiness, both physically and mentally. It did not surprise me that these two sessions with Nanci, kambo went right for my emotions. I’m still working through the feelings that came out of it when our sessions were February 20 and 21st (hence such a late review so I could leave a full report). That, to me, means I got what I needed. Nanci was very positive and warming throughout the sessions and I felt okay, even when I cried for the first time with kambo. I do not do very well with crying in front of others usually. But she allowed me just let it all out and be okay with it. An interesting “side effect” of the medicine this time were moments of feeling very sad and angry throughout the weeks that followed. I cried a lot for no reason for weeks. That was slightly frustrating but more so releaving. It felt like a weight was slowly lifting from my shoulders. I wrote a lot in the following days to reflect and realized I was cleansing a slew of feelings I had been carrying with me for some time. These were the toughest sessions I have encountered so far but by far the most rewarding. I learned a lot about myself. I saw clarity in some of the things I need to work on with myself. And the frog gifted me the ability to find inner peace.

I wanted to get the most out of the frog this time so I cut out drinking for a couple weeks after, cut out caffeine for even longer (a couple months), and meal prepped to maintain a healthy diet at work. I lost weight too. Yay!

In hopes that I gave a detailed review of my experience, I will leave you with this- Nanci is light of hand with the burns. The scarring is already pretty much gone. She is extremely attentive to the way your body responds and moves through the session accordingly. This is important because not only does every person experience Kambo differently, but every session for a single individual is also very different. She gives detailed instructions on self care before and after and also how the session will go. For newcomers, I believe she will make you feel less nervous about your own experience. Nanci is totally meant to be a healer in my opinion and anyone wanting to try Kambo or do it again will benefit from her services. I will recommend her over anyone again and again. That being said, if you’re curious, I Will be a return client.

Thank you Nanci for assisting me in my journey of self improvement and healing!

Ashley B.

Philadelphia, PA