The Process of Kambo

Frogs on a branchRest assured, you will be going through a process.  Purging comes in a variety of forms- be it crying, body temperature rising and falling, vomiting, and diarrhea.  When any, and all of these happen, change is indeed happening.  Kambo works on getting rid of the impurities within the body.  Kambo also works on cleansing our energetic levels.  Lets take a look at how the medicine is collected, and how it gets from the Amazon, to you.
First the frog is collected from the trees at night- While in the jungle, we went and collected a few of them at night.  We found them high up in the trees by singing to them.  Robinson, from the Matses tribe brought our group out, and taught us how to “sing” to them.
The next morning, the frog was then tied down with all legs anchored with a soft cord, and he is not harmed during this process. Once he is tied, the toes are massaged and the secretion comes from the sides of the body.  The secretion is carefully removed from the body, and placed on a wooden stick.  The frog is then let go, and returned to where we found him from.  The place in which I receive my medicine is a sanctuary for the frogs, and a beautiful place within the jungle about an hour outside of Iquitios. The land is private property, which prevents the over harvesting of the medicine which is incredibly important in the world of Kambo.  I know exactly where my medicine is coming from, and I know that it is harvested ethically, and with love.
Now that you know how the medicine is harvested- Lets talk about the process that you will go through-Frog preparing to donate
First I will have you drink 1.5-2 liters of water.  This helps the medicine move around within the body easier.  The tribes drink Casava, which is blended Yucca.  Either can be done, but we will be drinking water for your session.  While you are drinking your water, I will decide how many “gates” you will need.  This is done by me burning only the first layer of skin with Tamshi (a small vine from the amazon) or a small incense stick.  This is not painful, and I am very careful to let you know when the burn is coming by having you take a deep breath.  Once I have applied your gates, I will open them, and have you continue drinking your water.
I will prepare the medicine by adding a few drops of water to the stick, and I will begin scraping the medicine into small pancakes the size of your gates.  Once you are about finished your water, I will ask you to focus on your intention on your last sip, and then I will apply one dot of medicine to you, and observe how this flows in your body.  After a few moments, we will build the medicine on you, so you can begin your process.
Everyone’s process is different.  I am here to hold space for you, in a safe environment so you are able to let everything that you are holding inside, go.  The bucket is your best friend for 20-40 minutes.  I have ways of helping you purge, if you are feeling stuck.  I will play music, sing songs, use Palo Santo, to be in tune with your vibration, and keep things moving within you.  The time and space is yours, and you will have 100% of my undivided attention.  Once your process is complete, I will have you lie down and rest.  This is a crucial integration period.  While you are resting, I will prepare a light meal and tea for you, as you may have a sore throat from purging.
Preparing kambo ceremonyWhen you are ready, you can eat, and we can talk about your experience if you wish to do so.  Your first session, you can expect to be here for 2.5-3 hours.  If you require multiple sessions, Kambo is easier to process once it has been in your system.  Your following sessions you can expect to be here for 1.5-2 hours